Announcing Bowcase for Bowtie

Matt Patenaude

Bowtie and Bowcase are proud to announce a new partnership that will take effect with the imminent release of Bowtie 1.3: Bowcase for Bowtie!

Starting with Bowtie 1.3, the "Download More Themes" button in the theme browser will open a specially formatted version of Bowcase right within Bowtie. From there, users will be able to download and install new themes with a single click, with a beautiful UI.

How Do I Get Involved?

Want to have your theme available for installation via Bowcase for Bowtie? Just email me a copy of your theme to, and we'll make sure it gets onto Bowcase in time for Bowtie's 1.3 release. In the future, we will explore the possibilities of having an artist backend with stats, but we're keeping it lightweight for now.

An example of what a theme looks like when it's installing

When Does It Launch?

Assuming no last-minute difficulties, Bowtie 1.3 will launch with the new Mac App Store (for free, of course!) in order to provide the best possible installation and upgrade experience for our users. Stay tuned!